EU stands for Energy Unit and is the unit of energy used by IndustrialCraft 2. It is similar to the SI unit of the Joule. EU can be created through various IC2 generators. EU can be stored in various blocks and items including BatBoxEnergy CrystalBatPack, and many more. EU can be transported through cables to power various IC2 machines.


EU/t means Energy Units per Tick. It is a derived unit that represents the energy transferred over time and is similar to the WattEU/t can be measured by an EU-Reader, giving the average EU/t flowing through a cable or block. EU will not flow if there is nothing to actively draw it.


An EU-Packet (EUP or EU/p) represents a discrete unit of energy. All machines and cables accept a maximum packet size and many devices (such as transformers and energy storage units) will only output energy in specific packet sizes. EU-Packets come in varying magnitudes from 1 EU to 1 million EU. The average value of all EU-Packets traveling through a cable per tick is the same as EU/t.

Packet SizesEdit

Different types of Cable will only be able to handle a certain size of packet, represented in the following table:

Name Packet Size Emitted By Cable
Micro Voltage 1-5 EU Solar Panel , Water Mill , Wind Mill Grid Tin CableGrid Copper CableGrid 2x Insulated Gold CableGlass Fibre CableGrid HV Cable
Low Voltage 32 EU BatBoxLV TransformerNuclear ReactorGeneratorGeothermal GeneratorAdvanced Solar Panel, Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator Grid Copper CableGrid 2x Insulated Gold CableGlass Fibre CableGrid HV Cable
Medium Voltage 128 EU CES UnitMV TransformerNuclear ReactorHybrid Solar Panel Grid 2x Insulated Gold CableGlass Fibre CableGrid HV Cable
High Voltage 512 EU MFE UnitHV TransformerNuclear ReactorUltimate Hybrid Solar Panel Glass Fibre CableGrid HV Cable
Extreme Voltage 2048 EU MFS Unit, EV TransformerNuclear Reactor Grid HV Cable

Note: Cables are rated for specific packet sizes, or EU/p, not EU/t. Thus a single cable may deliver power to or from multiple machines, even if all accept or produce the maximum packet size for that particular cable.

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