NEI Addons
Author(s) bdew
Website Official Website
MC-Forum Official Thread
Mod Type NEI Addon

NEI Addons is an addon for the Not Enough Items mod made by bdew. This mod is formerly known as the NEI Bees Plugin. This addon is used to provide support for mods, like Forestry, Extra Bees, BuildCraft, and Tinkers' Construct.

Mod SupportEdit

  • For Forestry, NEI Addons adds bee breeding and products as recipes (and an option to include secret mutations), mutation requirements, tree breeding and products, support for bees from mods like Magic Bees, adds all bees/combs/saplings/pollen types to NEI search, adds an NEI subset for bees, saplings, combs, pollen, etc. if NEI Plugins is not installed.
  • For Extra Bees, NEI Addons adds all serums to NEI search, NEI subsets for all items, as well as Isolator recipes.

Various crafting tables from popular mods are also supported by adding a [?] to various crafting benches, like the Forestry Worktable, the BuildCraft Autocrafting Table, and the Tinkers Construct Crafting Station.

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