Grid ProjectRed
Author(s) Mr_TJP, ChickenBones
Website Official Website
MC-Forum Official Thread
Mod Type Technology

Project:Red is a Forge mod for Minecraft, co-developed and maintained by Mr_TJP and ChickenBones. It is a full rewrite of RedPower 2, developed by Eloraam, who no longer maintains RedPower since Minecraft 1.4. It replicates some of the functionality and features found in RedPower, but is still a work-in-progress, as it is coded from scratch and does not use any original RedPower code. Along with improved Redstone control via compacted wiring and powerful integrated Logic Gates, Project:Red adds a lot of worldgen and other features. Like the original RedPower 2 it is compatible with Microblocks, however it uses the ForgeMultipart API instead of a separate microblock system.

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