Grid Quantum-Helmet
Type Armor
Stackable No
Source Mod IndustrialCraft 2
 The QuantumSuit Helmet is endgame armour from IndustrialCraft 2. It is extremely powerful, but also extremely expensive, having two Iridium Plates as components.

The QuantumSuit Helmet removes status effects and allows unlimited breath underwater so long as it is charged with EU.

The QuantumSuit Helmet has 5 additional effects:

Effect EU cost
Replenishes underwater breath bar 1,000
Replenish food bar per point *using canned food from inventory 1,000
Cure poison effect per level 10,000
Cure radiation effect per level 20,000
Cure wither effect per level 25,000

Recipe Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Iridium Plate

Advanced Circuit


Lapotron Crystal

Reinforced Glass

Iridium Plate

Advanced Circuit


Recharging Edit

The QuantumSuit Helmet, like all other pieces of QuantumSuit, stores up to 1 million EU, and can only be recharged in an MFSU or a higher level GregTech energy storage block such as an LESU.

MachineGUI Background.png
MachineGUI MFS Unit.png


Other armor pieces Edit

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