Grid RailCraft
Author(s) CovertJaguar
Website Official Website
MC-Forum Official Thread
Mod Type Minecarts/Rails

RailCraft is a mod that adds to the possibilities and fun of working with rails. It adds useful rails for transport, such as Boarding Tracks and One-Way_Tracks, as well as High-Speed_Tracks. It also creates great possibilities for automation with things like Loaders and Energy Carts . And there are fun extras such as TNT Carts and Launcher Tracks. Railcraft is a really useful mod whether you want to create automated factories or just want an elaborate subway system to various locations.


  • Customizable
    • Module based system that lets you remove the parts of the mod you dislike.
    • Extensive configuration file that allows you to disable any block or item or change the way rails are crafted.
    • Full Multilingual localization support.
  • New Minecart Physics
    • Rebalanced drag rates for carts - Now your storage carts will actually reach their destination!
    • Completely new collision code - Carts can now push other carts, furnace carts are almost not useless!
  • Various Tweaks
    • Names of default minecarts simplified.
    • Improved lighting on minecarts.
    • Minecart reversal recipes. Separate that chest from that cart.
    • All rail recipes completely reworked to make an entire industry out of building a railroad.
    • What good is BuildCraft with nothing to build? (config option)
    • Minecarts now have a max stack size of three. (config option)
    • Minecarts no longer break into separate parts when destroyed. (config option)
    • Minecarts no longer collide with items at normal speeds. (config option)
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