Grid VoxelMap
Author(s) MamiyaOtaru
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Mod Type Minimap

VoxelMap is a Minimap that has been packed to the brim. which is sharing the same code base with Zan's Minimap (Maintained by MamiyaOtaru)


  • Advance entity radar displays icon of each entity.
  • Works properly in the Nether.
  • Supports most custom Forge blocks.
  • Teleport directly to waypoints if you have permission.
  • Press Z to change map zoom level
  • Press X to toggle large map
  • Press M to bring up the minimap menu and customize its settings
  • Press B to bring up the create waypoint menu


  • Main Menu
    • Display Coordinates: Toggles whether the player's current coordinates are displayed below the Minimap.
    • Hide Minimap: Toggles if the minimap is shown or hidden.
    • Location: Sets which side of the screen the minimap is displayed on.
    • Size: Toggles between the 3 Minimap Sizes: Small, Regular, and Large.
    • Square Map: Toggles whether the Minimap is square or round.
    • Old North: Toggles between regular and old north.
    • Ingame Beacons: Toggles the display of waypoints. (Off, Beacons, Signs, Both)
    • Enable Cave Mode: Toggles the display of caves on the map.
  • Radar
    • Hide Radar: Toggles whether the Minimap displays Entities.
    • Show Hostiles: Toggles whether the Minimap shows Hostile Entities. (IE: Zombie, Enderman, Spider)
    • Show Players: Toggles whether the Minimap shows Players.
    • Show Neutrals: Toggles whether the Minimap shows Neutral mobs. (IE: Pig, Cow, Sheep)
    • Icon Filtering: Toggles whether Icons are blurred.
    • Icon Outlines: Toggles whether Icons are outlined.
    • Show Player Helmets: Toggles whether Player helmets are shown or hidden.
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